HUB's new partner HiJiffy, will bring a stronger solution in responding efficiently to guests needs in the new contactless era.

The hospitality industry is transforming and being forced to create new and smart ways to face these challenging times.
And travellers are looking forward to traveling again, feel welcomed and most importantly, feel safe away from home.

New challenges are constantly appearing across different hotel departments, bringing an urgent need for contactless solutions.

Give your guests the option to use this on demand contactless solutions!

HUB and HiJiffy integration will give hotels the opportunity to provide guests with an easy and contactless way to communicate with the staff, whilst allowing your teams to deliver a quality service by automating part of the hotel operations process.

Think of your housekeeping department receiving a request to deliver more amenities, automatically from the guest. Or your maintenance department knowing exactly what your guest spotted and what needs fixing asap.

HiJiffy is an innovative communication platform that centralizes, automates and measures all hotel customer service activities, improving the guest experience whilst helping hotels increase direct bookings. This is crucial as many hotels are understaffed and guests’ requests are becoming more and more complex.

HiJiffy communication platform

The requests can be made through various platforms, such as Whatsapp and, due to the integration’s functionality, the specificity of the request (cleaning, amenities/towels requests, or incidents such as a broken TV/lightbulb) is sent directly to HUB and automatically assigned to the corresponding department, reducing response times and improving significantly the guest experience.
Each department involved is also notified by push-notifications on HUB mobile app.

Once the request is completed, the guest is informed that the fault is fixed or that their amenities and towels have been delivered.

Meanwhile, HUB Buildings offers hoteliers a powerful tool to manage their hotel operations in the most efficient way.
Among the many modules available, two of the most important, Maintenance and Housekeeping, allows the digitilization and optimization of the hotel operations and an easier communication between departments, reducing response times and improving the customer experience.

This is the automation the hotel operational departments needed for so long!

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